500 Gallon re-purposed Tank


500 Gallon re-purposed propane Tank



500 Gallon re-purposed propane Tank

Comes modified with additional ports for installation

500 Gallon re-purposed propane Tank is a reconditioned re-purposed “propane” tank. It has been professionally steam cleaned and treated with a coat of paint. It has extra ports added  to top and bottom to make it ready for installation as a storage tank. All you need to do is plumb it into the system and insulate it. This is not a new tank and can not be used for LP gas.

The the tanks can also have optional legs added for vertical positioning and 4″ threaded ports added for domestic water coil for additional cost.

Length Width Height Weight
Style 1 120″ 36″ 42″ ~1100 lbs
Style 2 104 42 47 ~1100 lbs
Style 3 162 32 34 ~1100 lbs