Turbulator Kit

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Turbulator Kit

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Turbulator Kit

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Turbulator Kit

Turbulator kit to decrease air flow speed and increase efficiency

The turbulator facilitates in transferring gaseous heat in a boiler. The integration of turbulators in tubes of boilers, heaters help in improving the heat transfer efficiency. The other application of turbulator is in cast iron sectional boilers, heat exchangers and in other equipments where the flow of gases is possible in flue tubes.

Turbulators are placed inside the ducts of boiler with unique locking handle. It will enable the turbulator to stand in both horizontal and vertical positions in boilers or/and heaters. They extract maximum heat from combustion chamber before the exit of gases in the form of soot.

Turbulators create turbulence in the fire tubes and make the forceful movement of even the idle gases, present in the tube. This enhances scrubbing action in the tube wall and gases, resulting in more heat generation by fully utilizing the fuel. The installation of turbulator can save your energy consumption from fuel up to 20 percent. This means your heating cost can be reduced to 15-20 percent.

In low maintenance, you can get more heat. This is possible as turbulators help in decreasing the quantity of smoke passing out through tubes. All the gases are completely used-up by the turbulators in process of combustion so only little traces of smoke remains. Therefore, cleaning can be done only once or twice a year due to less residue formation.

The package offered by the company does not cause any damage to the boilers. In fact the turbulator adds strength to boiler in terms of output and lasting heat production.

The company designs turbulator in varied lengths and diameter and can also custom design them to meet your requirements. They can be used in many heat exchange applications like: boiler, radiant heaters, immersion heaters, thermal heaters, cast iron sectional boilers, etc. Our package is ready to install quickly, without wasting much time and heat energy in setting-up the model.