Final stages of EPA Method 28 WHH-PTS testing for Vedolux Boilers

The testing for the non lambda boilers show these model types will still be a viable solution even after the 2020 EPA emissions levels kick in.

Now for the scores. If you compare these to the current list of cord wood boilers on the EPA site you will see they score very well.

The test method is Method 28 WHH-PTS and uses real cord wood vrs cribs and the emissions are collected from match to the end of burn. Our boilers were alway full thermal storage type boilers and will continue to be so under the new rules. The required thermal storage is quite close what each current manual is listing as required thermal storage. Updated manuals will list the minimum thermal storage values each boiler was tested with which will now mandated for an install.

Model        —- (lb/mmBtu) weighted annual average
Non Lambda
Vedolux 30 —- .17
Vedolux 37 —- .11
Vedolux 55 —- .11
Vedolux 350 — .08
Vedolux 450 — .04
Vedolux 650 — .08

page from v37 test copy draft showing values