Cooling Coil

The Vedolux boilers come with a cooling coil. This coil is not often used in North American installs since aceptable alternative backup overheat solutions are utilized. To use the cooling coil a special thermostaticly controlled valve is needed. The valve thermostat installs into the 1/2″ port on top of the boiler. The thermostat begins to …

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Vedolux 650 Lambda controlled wood boiler

Vedolux 650 Lambda controlled wood boiler This is a 4 minute video of a Vedolux 650 Lambda controlled wood boiler. It shows the boiler under fire, some information that is available from the controller screen and some interior views. enjoy!

Washington State Vedolux approved boilers

Washington State has a very strict wood burning policy. At the time of this post, Feb 26 2020,  only 4 options for “stick-wood” type boilers allowed for installation in the state. Varmebaronen has two of the options with the Vedolux 350 and 450. This is a link to the WA state’s current pdf of their approved wood-fired boilers.

Burn Wise Hangtags

EPA Burn Wise hangtags for the boilers that qualify for Step 2. Varmebaronen is being recognized on the EPA website. Download the 2020 Hangtag Approved Central Wood Heater  list.