Bonded Seals for threaded BSPP adapters

There are various methods which can be used to seal the threaded adapters which you may find in the boiler delivery. This post shows 3 effective methods to get that first joint tight however it is possible to get an effective seal without using the adapters with 7 teflon (we like monster brand) wraps then spread pipe dope over the teflon or Loctite 55 for that first joint.

1. Hemp and Paste

the Loctite video link below shows both the locktite product used and the hemp and paste method side by side. We stock the hemp and paste product if you want to use that method.

2. Loctite 55

Loctite 55 can easily be purchaced on amazon or ebay. It is not typically found in North American plumbing supply stores.

3. Bonded Seals

This method is very easy since it involves simply pushing the washer like seal over the threads and turning the adapter in until it bottoms out and becomes tight. The joints from that point on can be sealed with your favorite method, teflon tape etc.

These bonded seals can be purchased from the website. The current link is posted below direct link
Four bonded seal sizes are needed for the various threaded ports found on the boiler and tanks.

If you plan to utilize the builtin cooling coil you will need a special thermostatic valve. These are the adapters for the copper cooling coil connection. The thermostat valve is purchased separately. direct link