Cooling Coil

The Vedolux boilers come with a cooling coil. This coil is not often used in North American installs since aceptable alternative backup overheat solutions are utilized.

To use the cooling coil a special thermostaticly controlled valve is needed. The valve thermostat installs into the 1/2″ port on top of the boiler. The thermostat begins to open the valve if the temperature goes over approxamatly 206 degrees and is fully open around 215. When the valve opens it allows cold water from your well or public water supply to flow thru the cooling coil which passes thru the top of the boiler water jacket drawing excess heat away. The water exits the opposite side of the coil and out to a drain. It is recommended if you are on a well a pressure tank that is at least 40 gallons volume can be installed near the boiler. A check valve ensures the cooling loop will have a volume of water in reserve even if the well pump was off.

In cases where the coil is used, these are the parts needed.

1. thermostatic valve

The valve can sometimes be found on Ebay or try this website link. We sometimes may have them stock as well. direct link

2. adapters

This adapter is used for the copper cooling coil connection to convert the metric copper coil size to 1/2″ ntp. One adapter for each side of the coil are needed. direct link

directions for valve

valve install illustration