Wood heating

Varmebaronen’s latest wood product offering, the Vedolux Lambda series has industry leading efficiency and emmision values. The range of wood boilers offers models to suit most residential heating needs. Read more

Pellet heating

Our PellmaxUB series is incredibly easy to operate and also benefits by still retaining efficiency even if swept infrequently. The pellet burner, Viking Bio, makes this the most economical, easy-to-use system you can imagine. Read more

Solar heating

Do you have a wood or pellet boiler that uses thermal storage? Then you should take a look at our K2 solar panels. Whatever your heating system, K2 will always be a good choice that offers the “free” heat from the sun. Read more

Thermal Storage

Whether your house is big or small or the temperature is very cold outside, our thermal storage systems provides solution to all your heating needs. With this expenditure you can get a great return on your investment Read-more

Heating Accessories

We have electric elements for use as a backup heat source typically installed in the thermal storage tanks. Electric heating has instant power of heating over other fuels. We have many accessories like loading units, boiler stands, and expansion tanks to complete your instalation. Read_more