Wood Heating

Vedolux Wood Boilers
Wood is renewable source of energy like solar or wind power but has some limitations. Getting heat by burning wood can often be dirty, costly and not effective. We have options to burn it with minimal mess and efficiently. How easy your wood burning experience will be depends on the heating appliances you are using to burn the fuel. If you are using a properly designed boiler, you can save time and money with minimum maintenance.

We are offering Sweden’s largest range of wood-fired boilers available to the North American user. Choose between induced draft fan boilers, natural draft boilers and lambda control boilers. Our products for efficient wood heating will all save you time and money.

The high efficiency level of all our wood heating products has been confirmed in tests, however the most important factor is that they are so easy to clean. Soot and other deposits that can collect on the heat exchanger of a boiler will make heat disappear up the chimney instead of staying in the boiler where it does the most good. Routine soot removal only takes a couple of minutes, so you can do it as often as you like. You use less wood with a well swept boiler, which potentially saves hours at the chopping block. Keeping your wood fired boiler free from soot ensures its high efficiency and saves money, time and work.

Our wood boilers are much more efficient than the traditional wood stoves. They do not waste much of the energy while burning the fuel and also do not produce much smoke or harmful carbon monoxide. The technology in our heating system can conserve lot of energy and able to provide warmth to modern houses for longer durations.

Many prepare their own wood but you can buy already processed wood in most areas for less work. Whichever approach you take, wood firing is one of the least expensive ways to heat your house.

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