Vedolux 30 – discontinued

Vedolux 30 boilers work through reverse combustion with the help of an induced draft fan. The induced “suction” fan creates the proper draft

Vedolux 30 – discontinued

Wood Gasification Boiler with Integrated Fan

Varmebaronen Vedolux

as of May 15 2020 boiler is classified commercial use
Advantages of the Vedolux Models:
  • Gasification with help of a suction fan
  • Accomodates large 20″ logs
  • Simple boiler tube / flue pipe cleanout with complimentary brush

Vedolux 30 boilers work through reverse combustion with the help of a suction fan. The suction fan creates the proper draft to combust firewood; therefore, the Vedolux can be installed with a chimney that does not meet height or width requirements for natural ventilation. To control unnecessary heat extraction, the fan stops automatically when the fire burns out.

Vedolux 30 Facts

Although the unit is designed to burn primarily wood, it can be adapted for pellets installing respective adaptors. The combustion chambers pull gases through the ceramic gates into a secondary chamber to create the gasification process.

The combustion chambert is over 21-1/2″ deep and accepts wood up to 20″ long.

When properly used and maintained the Vedolux 30 boiler burn cycle outputs average 102 kBTU per hour, peak output 112 kBTU with 86% efficiency.

Vedolux 30

Easy to clean = Saved time and wood

All flue pipes are cleaned through a door located on the front of the boiler. Rounded flue pipes easily brush out keeping soot and deposits from accumulated in missed corners. Regular maintenance will keep your boiler burning efficiently – saving you time and wood!

Storing heat with an accumulator tank

The Vedolux 30 must be be installed with an accumulator tank. The accumulator tank stores heat for a long time reducing the frequency of filling the burn chamber. The volume of the accumulator tank(s) should be dimensioned to suit the size of the house and the output of the boiler. We recommend at 400 gallons or more storage with the Vedolux 30.

Boiler is shown with optional stand and ash drawer.



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