electric heating

If you need a low cost simple backup heating solution it can be done with electric heating with an immersion heater. We have two sizes to meet most needs.

Electric heating has instant power of heating over other fuels. They are low cost, no heavy installation process is needed. The heaters are most often convienently fitted to the thermal storage found in most pellet and wood boiler systems.

When we mention electric heating, the first thing that comes to mind, is the costly bills. We often overlook the costs that are involved in installation, maintenance, servicing, or other hidden costs while installing heating devices. When you are away an electric heat source can be a great backup solution when using a solid fuel boiler.

Electric water heating is very convenient way of heating water directly with electric immersion. With the element in direct contact to water, the loss of energy is less as compared to tubes or pipes that are fitted in other water heating appliances. You can get hot water within few minutes only irrespective of seasonal changes or burning costlier fuels.

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