Thermal Storage

Whether your house is big or small or the temperature is very cold outside, our thermal storage systems provides solution to all your heating needs. With this expenditure you can get a great return on your investment and user convienience.

Benefits of thermal storage tanks are:

• The designs of thermal appliances are simplified to make it easy for cleaning, operating and installing.
• It requires low maintenance.
• Thermal storage tanks have the capability to store solar and wind power also.
• Thermal storage allow wood boilers to be batch burned at a much higher efficiency level along with much lower emissions.

Thermal storage tanks can combine multiple heat sources and make it easy to prove backup electric heating solutions.
We offer thermal storage tanks by:

Varmebaronen – Aqualux UB (this is a plain insulated tank), Aqualux CU (tank plus domestic water heater), Aqualux Teknik (tank plus domestic water heater and solar coil), AckTank (economy tank)
Manchester – new steel tanks with ASME stamp
Re-purposed propane tanks – refurbished out of service propane tanks suitable to be used for thermal storage

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