AquaEcono CU 500


AquaEcono CU 500

AquaEcono CU 500

Insulated Thermal Accumulator Tank

AquaEcono accumulator tanks, the heart in your heating system!

  • Specially insulated: minimize heat loss!
  • Extremely compact: saves space by fitting under at 6′ Ceiling
  • Designed for use with all types of boilers: provides one stop shopping!

AquaEcono CU 500 tank is a 100 gallon specially well insulated tank designed for storing heat. The tank also has a 30 gallon indirect domestic tank, and ports to accomadate up to two electric immersion heaters . Regardless of whether you choose to use firewood, pellets, heat pump, electricity or solar panels, these tanks maintain your heat energy until it is distributed.

Right tank pictured is AquaEcono UB 500
Left tank pictured is AquaEcono CU 500

AquaEcono CU 500



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