Solar Heating

K2 plus solar panels
The sun is our primary source of heat. K2 Plus solar panels can be used to help heat your house and hot water as soon as you begin to feel the first rays of the sun in the spring until well into late autumn. During the summer months, solar heating can often fulfill all the domestic hot water requirements for your entire house. This means that you get to save money while also protecting environment.

During chilly winters, it becomes essential to have a heating system for home. The prices of non-renewable sources of energy will continue to be volatile. The expenditures incurred on heating systems that use fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas, etc. might become more expensive. That type of fuel also causes some form of pollution in the environment. To reduce air pollution and green house gas emission, installation of solar system is definitely a good investment for long term profit.

The solar collectors store the heat in thermal storage tanks. During the summer it will heat the domestic and in the spring and fall may offer some supplemental heat energy.

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