Vedolux 30 install in Maine

Pictures of an install of a Vedolux 30 boiler installation in Maine. Vedolux 30 and Aqualux accumulator tanks with 9KW electric backup Domestic water connection to Aqualux CU tank Aqualux CU heating load connection to 4 way mixing valve. Taco zone control. Loading valve and 9KW backup element.

EPA approval letters

The EPA approval letters have arrived for the Vedolux 30, 37, 55, 350 and 450. The 650 approvals will be some more weeks in coming because those test results followed the first batch of submitted reports. Wherever EPA approved boilers are approved for use we are ready to sell.  See the actual test results at this link. Here …

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EPA NSPS and Vedolux wood boilers

Please take a look at our newer posting for an update on where we stand regarding the EPA testing. All the current for sale boilers are EPA certified models. -for US customers-  The new EPA regulations  are now in effect so there is limited availability for new wood boiler models.  Some used and demonstration wood boiler models are available.  Until …

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Smokeless Heat

Lighting a Vedolux 37

This YouTube video shows a  Vedolux 37 owner lighting the boiler and shows the first 8 minutes or so of the fire. It demonstrates how easy these boilers are to light and how quickly the boiler comes up to temp. The Vedolux 30, 37 and 55 all can be lighted with this method. By keeping …

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Ag Progress show 2013

Ag Progress show 2013 This Ag Progress show 2013 was very well attended all the days but on Wednesday the Main St was solid with people. Ag Progress 2013 showing the huge number of attendees. We were displaying the Vedolux boilers in our new operational trailer.

Install in Studio Barn

Install in Studio Barn This Install in Studio Barn was in a studio barn in New Hampshire. The heat distribution is radiant.

Variable Speed Circulators

The purpose of using the nimbus control is so the ideal flow rate can be achievable for any circulator in your system. Flow rate is important. A boiler circulator running too slowly can overheat, whereas running too quickly can negatively affect stratification in thermal storage tanks by stirring the hot and cold water. Using the …

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