Vedolux 650 Lambda controlled wood boiler

Vedolux 650 Lambda controlled wood boiler This is a 4 minute video of a Vedolux 650 Lambda controlled wood boiler. It shows the boiler under fire, some information that is available from the controller screen and some interior views. enjoy!

Vedolux 30 install in Maine

Pictures of an install of a Vedolux 30 boiler installation in Maine. Vedolux 30 and Aqualux accumulator tanks with 9KW electric backup Domestic water connection to Aqualux CU tank Aqualux CU heating load connection to 4 way mixing valve. Taco zone control. Loading valve and 9KW backup element.

Variable Speed Circulators

The purpose of using the nimbus control is so the ideal flow rate can be achievable for any circulator in your system. Flow rate is important. A boiler circulator running too slowly can overheat, whereas running too quickly can negatively affect stratification in thermal storage tanks by stirring the hot and cold water. Using the …

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