Firebelly Razen Wood Cook Stove – USED


Firebelly Razen Wood Cook Stove

Firebelly Razen Wood Cook Stove – USED

New wood cook stove imported from England. We imported some Firebelly stoves few years ago to test them and see if we wanted to offer them. We decided  it was too much involved starting a new relationship with another manufacturer since we were busy with the boiler side of our product line. Also another company in the US started importing them.  We have 1 new on pallet and 1 used test model.

These are very nice wood cooking stoves which have a contemporary look. Cook and bake! If you want to see videos of these stoves in operation and a review on the stove search youtube for “Firebelly Razen Wood Cook Stove”.  You can see who is currently importing them and the current cost. We are offering these at a good discount to clear our inventory.

The stove on a pallet is shippable however the used model would need to be picked up in Lebanon PA.  see our other specials listing for the new cookstove