Vedolux 350 Heating Skid Turn-Key System


The Vedolux 350 turn-key system

Vedolux 350 skid heating System

Turn-Key Vedolux 350 on a skid. Plug in to power and you can produce heat. Must be connected to a thermal storage tank for normal use.

Skid size is 50.5 wide 54 deep


2- ecm variable speed pumps
1- ecm variable speed temperature based pump with sensors
1-200k btu water to air heat exchanger
1-30g buffer tank
1- UPS battery backup for the pumps with loss of power. loss of power also opens a normally open zone valve for thermal syphon to buffer tank.

1- Hi limit Honeywell thermostat to cut power to fan- is redundant system to the builtin controller safety system

1-low water cutoff

demo unit has an observation port in door. – Normal use set set a fire-brick just behind door.

Was used as a portable demo unit.

1- electrical control box for the battery backup and hi-limit fan cut off circuit.

This boiler can be plugged into a standard 115v 20 amp receptacle and is ready to burn wood.

Arrangements should be made to pick up at our warehouse as opposed to shipping commercial freight.