LK 810 Loading Unit


LK 810 Loading Unit

LK 810 Loading Unit (discontinued)

A new loading pump model will be available January 2021

LK 810 loading unit for solid wood boilers and storage tank systems

Compact loading unit for all types of solid fuel boiler/storage tank installations.

Termovar Mixing Valve Boiler Corrosion Protection Loading Unit

The LK 810 loading unit ensures a minimum return-water temperature into the solid fuel boiler, which increases boiler efficiency, prevents tarring and considerably prolongs the lifetime of the boiler. L810 eliminates the risk of destructive thermal shock caused by surges of cold water and renders a more effective burning. The boiler quickly reaches the right working temperature.

In the end phase of the firing an automatic balancing valve closes the by-pass loop. This results in a maximum supply from boiler to storage tank. LK 810 is for boilers with a capacity up to 65 kW/ 200000 BTU.

LK 810 loading unit can be used with or without the included backflow preventer. Without the backflow preventer the LK 810 automatically allows self-circulation of the remaining hot water to the storage tank after the fire has gone out and in case of a power failure. This is how the unit is typically and recomended to be installed.  Back flow from storage tank to heating boiler is prevented if the flow check is used.

Termovar Includes

  1. Thermally operated loading valve
  2. Backflow preventer
  3. Three thermometers
  4. Three ball valves unions
  5. Insulation



LK 810 Thermomat with check valve

LK 810 Thermomat without check valve


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