Viking Bio 20 Pellet Burner


Pellet Burner Attachment

The Viking Bio pellet burner head is designed to attach directly to a Pellmax UB pellet boiler. It can attach to Vedolux boiler models by using an adapter kit.

  • Adaptable to many Varmebaronen boilers
  • Burns steadily without smoke puffs
  • Automatically adjusts for increased or decreased demands
  • Safety default feature if boiler or chimney are blocked
  • Combustion efficiency of 92%
  • Output of 51-68 kBtu
  • Weighs only 26 pounds

Burner Output

The burner is equipped with a sensor, which enables it to detect increases and decreases in deman. Based on that demand it regulates the pellet feed to control output. This feeding method results in high efficiency and low waste.

The Viking Bio is safe

When starting, the Viking Bio checks that the boiler and chimney are not blocked. If it detects a problem, the burner will not start. The flame is monitored by a photo-electric cell. If the burner fails to start for some reason, it automatically extinguishes the smoke gasses out of the boiler before stopping.

Easy Maintenance

On all of Varmebaronen’s boilers, the heat absorbing surfaces of the boiler tubes are easy to reach with a flue brush (included with boiler purchase). It only takes about half a minute to clean the tubes. The soot falls down into the boiler’s combustion chamber an can be swpt up or vacuumed out with the ash.

Ignition Process

The burner ventilates both itself and the boiler when starting up. This ignition process eliminates the risk of smoke gases collecting and igniting with explosive force. The flame slowly builds up until full ignition is achieved.

Attaching the burner head

The Viking Bio pellet burner, its electrical connections and the pellet feeder tube are secured to the front of the boiler with easily accessed quick-release fasteners. This allows the burner to connect and disconnect from the boiler in just seconds! The burner is also light and easy to carry.


The only moving part in the burner is the fan. All parts exposed to heat are manufactured from stainless steel.



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