Pellmax UB – boiler only


Pellmax UB – Pellet Boiler

When this boiler is purchased with a burner it will be for commercial use.

The Pellmax UB from Varmebaronen of Sweden is an excellent option for burning pellets as a source of heat. It is used in conjunction with a Viking Bio pellet burner and can produce up to 68,000 btus per hour.

The Pellmax UB is perfect to use in a system with a heat pump due to the fact that heat pumps lose efficiency (and therefore increase wasted electricity) during periods of very cold temperatures. The Pellmax will not only help save on the amount of wasted electricity, it will also increase the life of your heat pump by saving it from working extra hard in the extreme cold.

As time progresses, pellets are more and more readily available to consumers. They can be found in bag form and in bulk. Pellets are a very easy way to produce heat in an environementally friendly way.

Please note that the price for the Pellmax does not include the pellet burner attachment. For more information on the Viking Bio pellet burner, see its product info page.

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