Pellet Store 200


Pellet Store 200 – Pellet Storage Bin for the Pellmax UB

Pellet Store 200 with 7 cu. feet of pellet storage and auger. Shown here on (left) with a pellet boiler and viking bio burner head (right).

Pellet Store 200 UBwithpellstore200

Wood pellets are renewable sources of energy and emit carbon neutral energy in the atmosphere to be absorbed by plants for growth. They are more economical, environmental-friendly and easy to burn fuel than oil or propane.

The company has designed pellet store with auger and Viking bio burner to facilitate the heating process. The system automatically runs the operation of heating the boiler and fills the burner automatically through suction pipe and pellet store, whenever there is a requirement of fuel.

The store is rectangular in shape, flat from the base and made of heavy steel body to provide more strength and efficiency to the system. Internally also, it is painted to prevent from moisture and wearing off of the components.

Wood pellets flow uniformly and collectively due to its smaller size and higher density. Pellets flow with pressure by vacuum hose towards the burner from pellet store. An auger is attached to the pellet store to supply fuel to the boiler. We design auger of different lengths and can also custom-made according to your requirements. The boiler has a system to control the level of pellet fuel. When the fuel is burned out, it will turn on the suction fan to draw more pellets from the store.

The installation of all the components is easy, and less space occupying. It reduces your annual maintenance to only once in a year and is also cost effective at the same time. However, the ash collected in the tray, needs to be removed by the home owner on monthly basis.

With the help of pellet store, you can store in bulk and do not have to purchase the pellets frequently. It can be used for smaller applications or other domestic purposes. Easy re-filling and simple operational makes it a popular choice among consumers.


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